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TE ANAU accommodation

Our wonderful small town of Te Anau is the gateway to some of New Zealand’s most outstanding outdoor experiences, and Te Anau Lakefront Backpackers is the perfect accommodation to explore it all from. 


Located on the lakefront and just five-minutes’ walk from the shops, you can take in the views, cook outside or in, and kick back in our gardens to the sounds of native birds. 


We also have everything you need to get set for the great outdoors or recover after an epic day in the elements, including secure storage, laundry, comfy beds, free Wifi, movie room and a travel desk manned by our friendly, helpful staff who love to explore just as much as you.

Our Te Anau accomodation is also the perfect place to begin your hikes, or a place for you to stop and relax for a night before you set off again. From our accomodation, you can complete some of the Great Walks of New Zealand - such as the beautiful Milford Track and the Routeburn Track. 

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Whether you’re hiking, cycling,

driving or flying, the journey to Te Anau

is nearly as good as the destination.


If you’re coming from Queenstown, busses leave from the airport and town centre every day. Click on the links below to find out more about their regular services. 

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The Family Photo Album

Share your tips, tales and snaps of your time with us on the line.


Kia Ora – ‘hello’.

Cheers, bro – ‘thanks friend’.

Bugger! – exclaimed loudly after a less than positive event.

Perrrrfect – the more south you go, the more r’s you add. 

Dusty – how people sometimes feel after a big night.

Bird – the female of the human species.

Bloke – a Bird’s male counterpart.

Battler – someone who struggles with life.  

Scorcher – a very hot day. 

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Home of the outdoor explorer since 1953

photos from the early years

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